Advocate for Ocean Initiatives


I become an ambassador of the Ocean Initiatives and spread the message around me. I use the communication tools provided by Surfrider Foundation Europe for the purpose of introducing Ocean Initiatives to my family and friends.

I spread the message

Join an Ocean Initiative


I participate in a clean-up operation of a beach, lake, river or sea bed near my home. By clicking on the button below I access the Ocean Initiatives interactive map to look for the next Ocean Initiatives planned near my home.

I participate

Organize an Ocean Initiative


I organize an Ocean Initiative autonomously through the help and teaching materials provided by Surfrider Foundation Europe. By clicking on the button below, I register my Ocean Initiative on the Website and let it guide me through the resources offered by Surfrider Foundation Europe.

I Organize

I want to do more


I’ve already taken part in or organized an Ocean Initiative and want to go further. Surfrider Foundation Europe provides further information about the marine litter issueas well as plenty of opportunities to act and to volunteer.

I go further